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Metropath Services

We at Metropath are driven by service. Our quality pathology service is delivered alongside extra ancillary services to aid our doctors as best we can. We have the flexibility to personalised and customise services based on your individual needs.

We have easy access to a tertiary referral centre for complicated cases. All cases are reported with care, and if a second opinion is appropriate our pathologists will have the slides reviewed by another senior pathologist.

Couriers can be arranged to fit to your schedule, with prearranged times and days or on an ad hoc basis.

Sample Types

  • Derm
  • Gastro
  • Cyto

"We are a rapid pathology service, with a strong emphasis on
partnership, convenience, and patient care"

Histopathology Services

We are accredited to perform the following forms of Histology testing.

  • Histopathology
  • Immunohistochemistry onsight

If you would like to know more about our histology services, you may speak to one of our scientists or pathologists. Please ring our offices on 03 9421 1399 and you will be put through.

Cytology Services

We conduct the full range of cytology testing including gynacological cytology, non gynacological cytology and fine needle aspirates. Below are the samples we accept for each.

  • non-gynaecological cytology – urines, sputums, etc.
  • fine needle aspirates (FNA) – slides**

* please note: we do not perform surepath testing, but we do accept the vial to perform thinprep testing on.
** please note: all FNA cytology is referred to us and taken by the specialist, we do not take the FNA ourselves

"Ask us about our
Surgical Skin Audit"

Other Services

For Dermatologists, we offer our Surgical Skin Audit, which our doctors have received CPD points for in the past. If you would like to see an example of our SSA, please contact your friendly company representative, who will guide you through our audit.

We have Vietnamese and Arabic speaking staff members, who can facilitate patient queries in their native language.

We are constantly striving to better our services and improve our client relationships. If you have any feedback you would like to give Metropath regarding any part of our service or staff, please do get in contact. Please get in contact with our operations manager here, or chat to one of our representatives on their next visit.